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After about age 30, men will see a natural decline in testosterone levels due to aging. However, you can’t write off these symptoms as “aging” or just getting old. Symptoms of "Low T" can impact a man’s life in many ways, causing both mental and physical changes…it’s more than just losing your sex drive and muscle mass, it can impact all of the relationships in your life.

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 what is it?

Testosterone Replacement Therapy, also known as TRT, is a medical treatment used to boost testosterone levels in individuals with low testosterone levels, often due to aging or certain medical conditions. There are various methods administering testosterone, although we typically use injections or pellets. 

Symptoms ​of low T can vary among individuals, but some common signs and symptoms may include: 

  • Fatigue: Feeling tired or lacking energy even after getting adequate rest.

  • Mood Changes: Mood swings, irritability, or feelings of anxiety and/or depression 

  • Sleep Disturbances: Insomnia or disrupted sleep patterns 

  • Memory and Concentration Issues: difficulties with memory, focus, or cognitive function.

  • Sex Drive: Reduced interest in sex or difficulty achieving erections

  • Erectile Dysfunction: Difficulty getting or maintaining an erection during sexual activity.

  • Muscle Loss: Decreased muscle mass or strength, along with increased body fat, especially around the abdomen.

  • Decreased Bone Density: Decreased bone density

  • Hair Loss: Increased hair loss 

what are symptoms of low T?

Because every person responds to treatment differently, we customize a plan for you based on your symptoms and blood levels. This is monitored throughout your therapy and adjustments are made, as needed, to help maximize your overall wellness. Most people will get injections once or twice weekly and have labs checked about every 3-6 months, until stable. 

how does treatment work?

  • Improved Energy Levels

  • Enhanced Libido

  • Better Mood and Mental Health

  • Increased Muscle Mass and Strength

  • Weight Management

  • Improved Cognitive Function

  • Enhanced Sleep Quality

what are the benefits?

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Because results can vary from person to person, some people may start to experience improvements in symptoms within a few weeks to a couple of months, while for others, it may take several months for noticeable changes to occur.

  • Energy Levels and Mood: Many individuals report feeling an increase in energy and improved mood within a few weeks of starting TRT. This can lead to a sense of well-being and motivation.

  • Libido and Sexual Function: Changes in libido and sexual function can also occur relatively quickly, with improvements often noticeable within the first month or two of treatment.

  • Muscle Mass and Strength: Building muscle mass and strength typically takes more time, usually several months of consistent TRT along with regular exercise and proper nutrition.

  • Body Composition: Changes in body composition, such as reduced body fat and increased lean muscle mass, may become apparent over several months to a year of TRT, depending on individual factors.

when will I see results?

how do I get started?

We start everyone off with an in-office consultation to evaluate your medical history, current symptoms and update your lab work. Then, you will come in for a follow up to review labs, answer all your questions, establish a treatment plan and start injections, as applicable. 

Follow Up
Initial Labs
Follow Up Labs


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